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It’s a family trade for sure; eight immediate family members and other far flung cousins and extended uncles. We’re in it from one end of the State to the other covering all aspects of the business. Esta Stamets and Pat Patacsil my grandmother and father started the original family business back in 1979. This business was mainly a swimming pool maintenance and repair business in its first couple years. But it started long before 1979 with Esta working for American Pool Service and Bill Dority from the 1960’s and bringing in my father Pat in 1972 to handle maintenance and repairs. From there they moved to Ron Evans Pool and Patio for a few years and then decided to take the plunge of their own business as partners. The original business name was Pat’s Pool Service and was run by Grandma, dad and my mom Mona. As for all the aunts, uncles and cousins; Pools by Lagasee and Lagasee Pool Construction out of Sarasota, FL and it all started with their dad Fran.

For me I started accompanying my dad Pat into the field around the age of five. When not in the field I was in the family shop on the weekends with my grandmother Esta (Hap). When in the field I was slowly learning all my dad’s knowledge and tips and tricks with regards to maintaining and repairing pools. When in the office I was learning about customer service, book keeping and technical repairs of equipment on the bench. By the age of fourteen when not in school I was accompanying new pool technicians much my senior and teaching them how to properly maintain the pools and do the most common repairs. I did not know it but I was being prepared for my future of running and expanding the family business.

As Sarasota grew larger and swimming pools grew older the need for renovation grew as well. The renovation side of the business was born. This went on for several years as the company grew. Its reputation was great and with that reputation more and more request came in. Bigger, smaller, different than others were many of the requests that the business received. The company specialized in thinking outside the box and became exceptionally knowledgeable in how to rectify just about any problem with regards to a swimming pool and learned how to overcome almost any construction flaw short of wrong pool placement. .

With all this gained knowledge the question that needed to be answered is why are we always repairing ill prepared construction problems? The answer was simple; you just needed to know what problems you may end up with before you create them so that the proper pool could be constructed. Well that knowledge was now known. With this knowledge, proper engineering and supervision the pools could now be built properly with limited problems; a pool that was built with the service factor in mind. A pool designed to be easier to care for and easier to repair when problems did occur.

Yes, the family business now segued into the new construction field. It started out simple with basic pools and in short order the “SPOOL” was created. The spool was designed and created by my dad Pat, not really a conventional pool and too big to be considered a spa; a monster hot tub with special jets in one end allowing a swimmer to swim against a current without actually requiring forward motion. The SPOOL with hundreds of feet of plumbing was a design and logistical nightmare for most; to us the SPOOL was a work of art. We took great pride in them, not a project to be concerned about but a project to be embraced. We dared to tread where no others wanted to go. We have had great success in doing so….I always do my best to continue the family trend.
About the time the Spool was hitting it big I was coming of age. It was this critical time that I realized that there were no limits to swimming pools. Pools could be built in many designs; none of which were more right or wrong than others as long as they were built correctly. Some were simple and elegant and others were outrageous with so many features it took weeks to learn the operation for the average owner. The factor that had to remain the same throughout every project was quality of design and engineering for the structural integrity of the project. It was either right or wrong; it is still this day that black and white.

How did I learn so much about pools? Well that’s easy, slave labor and victimization when I was young. But really all those people other than my cousin Rob (he’s a bit younger than me) took a real interest in me and taught me very well. Grandma and Mom taught me all about customer service and running the office, Dad taught me all my technical knowledge about chemistry & repair along with renovation and construction. Then my uncles figured out they could work the crap out of me and taught me even more about construction including digging and hand-packing (concrete pool shells) without the use of heavy equipment (yes this means hand shovels). Then when I thought I was done my Uncle Tom decided I needed to be a marcite finisher so I was. Design, Layout, Form, Dig, Steel, Pack or Shoot, Rough Plumb, Tile, Deck layout and Form, Deck Pour, Deck Top, Marcite, Finish Plumb Equipment, Hook Up Electric, Start Up, Customer Instruct, Clean, Repair, Renovate. There you have it a pool from beginning to end and then some. I can do all this professionally, efficiently with my own two hands because my loving family saw to it. At the time it felt like torture but it was the best gift they could have given me. This brings us to present day API.

Early in the 2000’s while doing work on swimming pools I started becoming aware of common problem trends occurring on almost every pool. Decks with lots of cracks, tile with lots of cracks or falling off the walls, a fair amount of pools with lots of interior cracks. Pools severely stained that shouldn’t be, severe etching of finishes that shouldn’t be. Upon realization that this was an industry wide issue within Florida I decided to figure out why. It did not take long to figure it out. “THE STATE OF FLORIDA AND COUNTY BUILDING CODES WERE NOT ENGINEERED IN FAVOR OF THE POOL OWNER” Every pool that was being built around state and local codes was being built to a very minimum standard. Where minimum standards were not in place it was even worse such as filtration; they were being equipped with filters many times 2-3 times smaller than what they should be. In essence these pools were being built to fail, to fall apart and to become a constant money drain on the property owner. Once I determined the cause, the solution was simple. Good old fashioned building principles.

POOLS BUILT TO LAST A LIFETIME became a reality! I now realized that for years the standards that had been set, the standards that I had been building pools for years to according to Florida State and County codes was not the correct standards to be applied to have the pools last. Over the course of a year the standards for our family business were modified to ensure that all our new pools meet our rigid standard “POOLS BUILT TO LAST A LIFETIME”. No longer will we build a pool that does not meet this standard, they are far too expensive to purchase to not have them last. You have to meet with me or a company representative to get the details because they are trade secrets to some degree but lets just say all pools are no longer created equal. We will state that our concrete is different, our rebar is different, our build out time is different, our hydraulics are different, our filtration is different, our finishes are different and our WARRANTY IS DIFFERENT!

I discovered that your imagination is the only limit when it comes to design but that whatever you design must be built correctly or it is worthless. In order to design very advanced pools with very advanced water and electrical features it was imperative to have exceptional hands on knowledge of the entire construction process. With hands on knowledge you simply know what will work but most importantly what will last. Your beautiful advanced pools will either be a problem waiting to happen or beautiful works of aquatic art in motion; which do you prefer?

With this in mind Shawn Patacsil operates with the mindset of not only offering an innovative quality product, but offering the best in innovation and quality.

With all the gained knowledge, and all the advanced technologies and all the above information fresh in your mind I and all of TEAM API offer you one last special offer with 100% confidence that we can design and build your dream pool, renovate your existing pool into your dream pool, or diagnose and repair any and all pool problems you may have. We offer to you our valued clients are:

We want our clients being amazed from beginning to end.

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