“Pool Problems Resolved…Guaranteed or it is FREE” & “Pools Built to Last a Lifetime”… The industries only known all inclusive 5 YEAR New Construction Warranty that covers the entire structure and all equipment including LABOR & MATERIAL.


WE DON’T FOLLOW INDUSTRY TRENDS…WE DEFINE THEM! Bold yet Refined, Built for Performance and Durability, Designed Beautifully for Romance and Play with Luxury Style; Best enjoyed on Bright Sunny Days or Chilly Evenings under the Stars while enveloped by its warmth. Enjoy the times with, FAMILY, FRIENDS or that SPECIAL SOMEONE; APIWhen Only the Best Will Do!


The Best Structurally Built & Renovated Hydraulically Efficient Pools Available


ALL New API POOLS Include state of the art Hayward equipment including Completely Programmable Automated Controls with Remote, six or more returns, dual main drains, and the largest residential D.E. filters available with completely programmable variable speed pumps & (1) One Year of FREE standard chemicals.   


Our philosophy is “Engineer for Performance & Design for Elegance“; we limit our construction projects to those that desire a swimming pool truly BUILT TO LAST A LIFETIME and PERFORM HYDRAULICALLY LIKE NO OTHER. Many things are different in our pools including but not limited to the amount of steel reinforcement rods, type & amount of concrete, size and amount of plumbing utilized, durability and strength of deck toppings and most importantly hydraulic design and filtration. All pools are not created equal especially for those that are ONLY BUILDING TO THE BARE MINIMUM STATE & COUNTY CODE required by law which is what most contractors adhere to.


Contact us today to get started on creating an AQUATIC RELAXATION CENTER of your own, or for the Party Central in your backyard that everyone wants to be at. From basic to fantastic we can handle it all.


API Pools are built well beyond code, engineered to perform, and are designed to be beautiful and are the absolute easiest pools to maintain that are available.


“Pool Problems Resolved…Guaranteed or it is FREE” & “Pools Built to Last a Lifetime”… The industries only known all inclusive 5 YEAR New Construction Warranty that covers the entire structure and all equipment including LABOR & MATERIAL.


Swimming pools are no longer a five, ten or even a fifteen thousand dollar investment of a backyard toy. Pools now more than ever can be considered an asset attached to your home and property or a very large liability. Today’s basic swimming pool and deck when built to state and local codes by a certified licensed contractor will cost around thirty-two thousand dollars and up which is a substantial investment for most families and is not to be taken lightly.


Shawn Patacsil’s Aquatic Playground International encourages all its clients to gain a thorough understanding of the complexity of the construction of a swimming pool as well as all of its working components. This will determine whether the construction process as well as the product itself is a fun enjoyable experience or a miserable life lesson. There are many high quality swimming pool contractors and management teams throughout the United States and the World; ensure that if you choose to go ahead and have a swimming pool constructed that you choose one of the great contractors and not one of the others.


There are many facets to any construction project, and with swimming pools there are more than most. They must be very hardy structures that are water tight, stable and able to hold an average or greater than 47.6 tons of water without structural compromise. This means no movement, no cracks, no pin holes and all the water an average of 14000 gallons and up must be kept completely safe to swim in and realistically capable of being consumed on occasion without harm to the swimmers. If this sounds very daunting it should, because it is!

Swimming pool contractors are very specialized contractors that must overcome in many cases some very unique circumstances not faced by other contractors. We build within the ground where there is often water and other large obstacles, we also build above grade (Ground Level) and must support excessive water weight, we must build water tight (NOT EVEN A PIN HOLE), we must build completely level because water is completely level, who else has too?We incorporate water and electricity which goes against common sense and we make it safe, who else has to deal with this? What this means to you is choose very carefully who you choose to make this large investment with.


Also consider who you are dealing with from beginning to end. Is it a larger company that deals in lower price and higher volume? Is a hired SALES PROFESSIONAL going to come out to SELL you one of 3-4 designs that particular company likes to sell for better profit margins, or is it a company owner that has your best interest at heart and is truly willing to design around your wishes and desires? Are you going to be passed off to different people constantly where you will never know who to get the correct answers from? Unfortunately that is the reality of many contracting companies so BUYER BEWARE.


Should you choose incorrectly you may face some or all of the following issues, but the potential issues are not limited to these?


♦ Structural Cracks in the Concrete or Gunite (Pool Shell or Decking)

♦ Cracked or uneven pool shells

♦ Cracking decks

♦ Cracked or Unleveled planters

♦ Weak, cracked, or tilting stem walls that support the remainder of the project etc.

♦ Cracked or uneven tiles, tiles that completely fall off of the pool wall

♦ Structural leaks that may undermine other structures

♦ Plumbing leaks that may undermine other structures

♦ Pool equipment not equipped to handle the volume of water or prone to malfunction or failure

♦ Pool water that is unhealthy for swimmers and the pool structure and equipment

♦ A pool that requires significant time to maintain versus our 5-10 minutes per week


From the very first day you may receive a very frustrating high dollar on-going costly investment that you cannot just return or get rid of overnight that requires weekly, monthly and annual maintenance. We are sure you would agree that it warrants some time to learn and understand the complexities of a swimming pool prior to signing a construction contract, and should you choose to build a pool, verify that you have a quality, reputable company build it. We are sure you would also agree that should you choose to build a pool that you should have a quality minded and very knowledgeable person design the structure, hydraulics, equipment and any fun added features based on you and your families wants and requirements. With all this said let’s begin!


(Construction & Design Specifics) Link


1.     Have you had your own pool previously? If yes, what did you like or dislike about your pool?

2.     What are your main reasons for having a pool?

♦ Family   ♦  Kids   ♦ Therapy   ♦  Physical Exercise   ♦ Increase Home Value

3.     Entertaining with emphasis on cooking and ambiance Evening Entertaining especially business entertainment & presentations

4.     What Shape pool would best compliment your home and property while still offering the characteristics you would like?

5.     How important is the appearance of the pool?

6.     How much are you prepared to spend on your pool project (Pool, Decking & Filtration Equipment)?

♦ 20-30k   ♦ 30-40k   ♦ 40-50k   ♦ 50-60k   ♦  60-80k   ♦ Above 80K

7.       $ 30-50 Thousand may be considered an average price for most basic residential pools behind an  average working class home.

8.       Would you like the pool with a screen enclosure?

9.   How much decking would you want around the pool?

10.   What type of deck media would you like concrete, brick, gravel, grass & landscaping?

11.   If concrete decking would you like an acrylic, brick, travertine or possibly granite topping?

12.   How important is quality and how long it lasts without problems?

♦ Not so Important 1-2 yrs.   ♦ Important 3-5 yrs.   ♦ Very Important 5-10 yrs.   ♦ Critical / I want the pool built to last forever!

13.   Would you like a more traditional pool, a sport pool or a pool that is very elegant and refined in appearance?

14.   Is ease of maintenance important to you?

15.   Do you want a hot tub or a swim spa?

16.   Would you like a conventional simple timer to turn the pool on and off or does computer automation that can operate all aspects of the pool and be operated from anywhere within the home or from within the pool or hot tub interest you?

17.   Do you want the pool heated?

18.   If you would like the pool heated would you be interested in solar, gas, electric or a combination of two or more? 

19.   If yes to heating would you heat the pool year round or periodically?

20.   Will you be utilizing a pool service?

21.   Do you have any known allergies to chlorine?

22.   Do you have small children less than 12 years of age?


(For Safety Features) API is very cognizant of the danger of drowning and feels the best preventive measures is to teach children to swim and a pool is the safest environment to do so in. We however will ensure that any and all safety requirements of the state and county we are building in are met but that most importantly all safety protocols for you and your children are first and foremost built into your pool package for your safety and the safety of those around you.


Please do not ask us to bypass the safety measures!


Please give all the information a fair amount of thought. All the information you provide based on these questions will afford us the ability to design and construct the best pool for you. . If in the near future you feel that you overlooked providing us with an important aspect to your project please feel free to contact us and update your project sheet.



Location on property – Placement, legal setbacks and easements, sprinklers and other electrical or water service (factors into width & depth) .

Access for heavy equipment – All on your property or do you have to cross or access neighbors or other community property.

Association Compliance – Will you require approval for size, shape, location from a community board.

Type of ground – (hard or soft) & proximity to water, Factors into width, depth, TIME.

Excivation – soil and other objects, Leave on site or haul away – Factors into time, equipment & expense.

How strong a concrete shell – Main Pool Body, how the shell is formed, steeled and finished, factors into location and longevity.

Deck strength – What strength concrete, what structural support media and what will you finish the top with?

What size plumbing and type installation –  Factors into turnover rate, potential for leaks, cleanliness of pool and water activity.

Build to State & Local Code, build a little beyond, build the best pool available – Factors into how strong the overall structure is and potential for future issues.

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