1. Am I a Licensed Swimming Pool Contractor?
Yes I am a Florida State Licensed Swimming Pool Construction Contractor

*** If you hire a person posing as an actual licensed contractor and they are not licensed any insurance they have is not valid and will not cover any problems that may occur.
*** Since an unlicensed person is not governed by the DPBR they are not bound by any guidelines and are acting outside the law and are likely to cut corners that may severely damage your pool or property.
*** If you hire an unlicensed contractor you have actually violated the law and may be charged with a misdemeanor, however most importantly it likely will render you unable to pursue legal action should the unlicensed contractor do incorrect work, not complete the work or damage other areas of your property.
*** If a unlicensed contractor does your job incorrectly it will often times cost two to three times the original quoted amount from a reputable company to undo the damage and properly complete work for you.


2. What is a CPO License?

·    CPO (Certified Pool Operator Certificate) IT IS NOT A LICENSE AT ALL!
·    CPO (Certified Pool Operator) is an acronym for a certificate that is given by local municipalities that states the individual has completed a short course allegedly teaching basic pool maintenance that includes vacuuming, cleaning tile, minor filter cleaning and basic chemical use.
·    A CPO certificate is now all that is required for an individual to do the basic weekly cleaning and basic chemical maintenance of swimming pools in Florida. It however does not legally allow the holder to do ANY REPAIRS WHATSOEVER to your pool; this is to include something as simple as changing a pressure gauge.

3. Why choose Shawn Patacsil over our competitors?

·    We guarantee that the job will be diagnosed and completed correctly the FIRST TIME and that your pool problem will be resolved or the labor and material is FREE.

4. Are we more expensive than other companies?

·    No, not in the long run ; It does however depend on the complexity of the job. If it is a very advanced structural repair, in most cases we offer a higher quality solution with greater emphasis on longevity which may in turn drive the expense up. We are less expensive in the long run  because we will not sell you something you do not require or request and what we sell you will last.
·    Do our pools cost more to build ? Yes, due to our advanced process that allows us to offer a 5 year all inclusive structural & equipment warranty including cracking decks.

5. Do we give free estimates?

·    YES, and we will provide you with a detailed proposal that includes computer designs, plans & pictures.

6. Will we respond quickly and promptly?

·    Absolutely yes! Customer service is the second most important aspect of what we do 2nd only to  the actual pool work.

7. Do we service what we sell?

·    Absolutely yes! In order to maintain the same  quality of customer service and technical skills throughout, we rely on our own specially trained staff for all  services required.

8. What is our new pool warranty?

·    All inclusive 5 YEAR Warranty  INCLUDING cracking deck concrete, cracked tile, stained interior finishes, and  all advanced pool equipment such as pumps, filters and automation. (*Advanced Maintenance Plan Required for stain warranty )

9. What is our leak warranty?

·    1 YEAR guarantee that the leak we locate and repair will not leak again. (All of our competitors offer 30 days or less)

10.  How long has our family been in the pool business?

·    My immediate family  has been in the industry since 1968 in Florida; My extended family has been in the field since 1954.

11.  What is  my specific hands on knowledge on that makes me an expert?

·    New Construction, General Repair, Renovation, Leak Repair, & Maintenance for over 30 years.
·    Specializing in hard to solve pool issues such as repair, renovation, leaks and deck issues (ie: cracking, settling etc…)
·    Designing and renovating pools that will require minimum maintenance and upkeep.
·    Design, layout & form, dig, steel, rough plumb, concrete(*hand packed , shotcrete, & gunite), Deck form & Pour, specialized acrylic deck toppings & stone, tiling, finish plumbing, hydraulic (plumbing)  design and utilization, automation (computer controlled pools), lighting (interior and surrounding areas), pool maintenance and water chemistry, specialized training pools, lap pools & swim spas for people and animals such as equine trainers.
*What is hand packing concrete ? It is the art of layering concrete by hand & shovel ( Interlocked similar to brick laying) to create a thicker and stronger concrete pool shell.

12.  What geographic location do we cover?

·    From Naples North from coast to coast depending on the nature of the job.

13.  Who is responsible for ensuring a new pool is built correctly?

·    I AM ! ( if my company is building it that is ) You will find in most, if not all venues, that the local building department has a disclaimer stating that they are not responsible for ensuring that a project is completed properly. Don’t think that getting a permit guarantees that the building department spot inspections will protect your investment.

14.  If an error or an omission is made during the proposal & diagnosis process at  significant additional expense who is responsible?

·    If we fail to correctly diagnose your pool problem, you will not be penalized for that unless it is an after the fact issue that we couldn’t possibly have diagnosed without invasive investigation ( which sometimes occurs once the job is in progress)
·    If we recommend a particular course of action and you decline it,   then the financial liability of the consequences will be yours.

15.  Can my pool pop or lift out of the ground actually causing costly and possibly irreparable harm to my pool and surrounding ground or structures?

·    100% YES! Be very cautious of draining your own pool or giving other people whether friends, neighbors or even general or other contractors permission to drain your pool. (Only CPC or RP licensed swimming pool contractors can carry pool pop insurance)We have NEVER had that problem in our history but have repaired many that have been damaged by homeowners and other contractors.

16.  Can a General Contractor or any other contractor other than a pool contractor build my pool legally?

·    NO! General contractors may do the concrete work, however all other aspects directly involving the swimming pool construction must be done by a licensed swimming pool contractor.
·    However, a General contractor may sell you a pool included in their home package and then sub-contract the swimming pool to a licensed pool contractor.
Please see other areas of our website for specific answers to your question regarding other aspects of swimming pools such as construction & renovation or repairs. The site is constantly updated, so please check back often.
If you have a specific question that you require an answer to please contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to assist you.

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