Based on old fashion principles of taking care of the customer.

We know that in the last couple decades this way of thinking has diminished greatly much like pool service. It’s our goal to change this in the world of pool service in the North Florida area. In the old days in the seventy’s and earlier the words Pool Service meant something. Clean water, tiles, and filters serviced twice a week (for residential pools). Well times and technology has changed for the better but we still need to come once a week in most cases for our FULL SERVICE CLIENTS WHERE WE VACUUM THE POOL, CLEAN THE TILE AND SERVICE THE FILTRATION EQUIPMENT. (We must visit 2-3 times per week for commercial pools depending on size and filtration equipment)

What we do on a weekly basis is as follows:

– Check and adjust your water chemistry:

(Values in Parts Per Million)
Chlorine 1.5 – 2.5 (sanitizer controls bacteria)
P.H 7.4 – 7.6 (Base effects sanitizer activity)
Total Alkalinity 80-90 (base effects P.H. fluctuation)
Calcium Hardness 280 – 320 (effects water leaching from marcite)
Cyan uric acid 40 – 60 (protects sanitizer from sun’s u.v. rays)
Sequestering Agent 12 (controls oxidation of minerals and metals on pool finish / Staining)

– Vacuum your pool
– Clean your tile
– Skim the surface for heavy debris
– Check the filter and clean if needed
– Clean strainer pot basket in pump
– Make sure all valves are adjusted properly
– Look over entire system for upcoming issues
– Leave a door knocker with the date and time so you know we have been there and explanation of what we did or something you may required

What we do every three months:

– Lubricate all o-rings and gaskets so as to prevent dry rot and leaks
– Clean waterfall areas of calcium buildup
– Monitor Total Dissolved Solids (Causes staining and chemicals not to work properly)

Each time we are there we need to do the same thing we have been doing for the past 50 years, vacuum, brush, clean tiles, check and clean filters and adjust the water chemistry to meet safety standards or better. We also need to take a proactive approach to equipment maintenance and repair so that we can ensure the pools stay up and running. We also like to keep you informed of the potential for issue that may be become a problem so that you may plan for them. We can do this easily because it is the state licensed owner with 30 years of local experience on site doing the work and checking for issues.


We will enhance your backyard lifestyle by ensuring that your pool is always kept at its best at all times by means of regular vacuuming, tile and filter maintenance and weekly water chemistry adjustments based on current and upcoming conditions and events.

We will always ensure that your pool equipment is maintained in good working order by way of general maintenance and repairs as needed in a proactive fashion so as to limit any down time of your swimming pool.

We will always notify you in advance in writing of potential upcoming mechanical issue so that you may plan for them in advance. We will utilize our years of hands on experience to ensure your swimming pools long term health and keep your liabilities to a minimum. Our culture is that of Service – Service – Service… Ours is Second to None We provide Service that is second to none, just like in the good ole days. Old school, hands on knowledge for over 30 years, while using today’s latest and best proven technologies. We will offer friendly smile and a handshake at the end of the day by our always uniformed, friendly and courteous staff.

We will take time to explain and help our clients understand what service package may suit them best, and explain the nature of the problem and why it occurred, along with the options that are available to them. We will never sell you services, or products, that you do not require; and we will always offer to explain how to prevent the same problem in the future.

With all the above being said, we would like you to know that we tell it like it is. I have one focus in mind, and that is providing you, my client with the best services, answers, and equipment available. This means if you want the best you will absolutely get it, and we will explain why it is the best; if you are budget minded we will provide equipment and services that fits within your budgetary requirements if available. If what you require or want is not available, we will be straight forward and advise you of this. We will never under any circumstances, provide you with equipment or services that we know will fail in a short period of time.

It is my job and legal requirement, as your certified swimming pool contractor, to utilize all my knowledge to guide you and provide you with the best answers, solutions and options available to me. If asked to do anything other than this, I will politely refuse as will my entire staff for your best interest.

Shawn Patacsil is the” Third Generation” owner of the company. Shawn is a State of Florida Certified Swimming Pool Contractor and hands on owner that has 30 plus years of swimming pool maintenance, repair, renovation and construction experience.

Filters and Pumps

Your filter and your pump are the heart of your swimming pool. The correct sizing and matching of each to one another as well as to the gallons and plumbing of your pool will make the difference in how easy your pool is to maintain and in how well your water features or hot tub will function. Equipment size is critical in the proper operation of a swimming pool.

An over sized pump paired with a small filter will not work as intended. A pump designed to flow an average of 95 g.p.m (Gallons Per Minute) should not be paired with a filter designed to handle half that amount of water. The small filter will restrict flow which will put strain on the pump causing it to wear out prematurely and decrease its efficiency where you may only get 3/4 of its performance capabilities. The added pressure created by the large pump with an undersized filter can cause filter cartridges to wear out prematurely or even crush when dirty, will cause small filter housings not built for high flow and higher pressures to separate, crack or even possibly explode causing potential for physical injury.

In the end you will not get the “Turnover Rate” required to properly filter the water in your pool. We as an industry would like to see all the water in your pool go through the filter 3-4 times in one filtration cycle. This means in 4/6/8/10/12 hours, whatever amount of time you are running your pool in one 24 hour period. This is calculated by figuring out how many gallons per hour your pump and filter can move, however if equipment is not matched properly the times can be greatly extended which will cost you more money and potentially affect the quality of your water which affect everything else involved with your pool.

The flip side is an over sized or proper sized filter with an undersized pump. This is acceptable and encouraged due to its proven positive benefits to the pump, filter and the pool. This is referred to as slow roll filtration and allows the water to move through the filter media slower and at less pressure therefore allowing better filtration. There is also much less resistance for the pump to work against and much less pressure on the filter media allowing it to last much longer before wearing out. With the water being filtered more thoroughly the interior will last much longer and the pool will be easier to maintain.

An added benefit of having an over sized filter is that it will need it’s required cleaning much less often and by default means your pool is most often in a positive clean cycle where everything is interfacing properly. The biggest complaint we receive is that a client has to clean their filter weekly or bi weekly. We have filters that fit nicely on most residential filter pads and that in most cases require cleaning only 2-3 times per year for the average pool.


This is the filter that most pools are equipped with. Cylindrical and tube like it has a paper/fiber element that does an adequate job. This is primarily used by builders as an effective cost saving measure that works.

Filters an average particulate size of 15-18 Microns Sand- The sand filter is an old school system that works well. It is the most inefficient of the three filters but is often used by builders that want to make maintenance of the pool as easy as possible for the client.

Filters and average particulate size of 30-35 Microns Diatomaceous Earth- The best of all the filter media available, this unit utilizes a crushed powder material that when looked at under a microscope is porous. This filter media filters at many times less microns than the sand or cartridge filter. This filter is by far the best and will keep your pool water much more clean and pure but it is a little more (3-5 minutes) work to change out the earth. Filters and average particulate size of 5 Microns

Types of Pumps

Size, horsepower, high head, inexpensive to very expensive is ways to describe pool pumps. There are many that have specific features and characteristics that your pool professional should offer to explain. There are several brands such as Hayward and Sta-Rite to no name brands you may find at your local hardware store. THEY ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL. Saving a few dollars at the hardware store will likely cost you more in the long run and possibly create problems due to not enough flow for your particular needs like water features. The Hayward Maxflo is in basic terms a standard duty pump that is appropriate for most basic swimming pools that do not require excessive flow (Gallons Per Minute) or pools that have excessive lengthy plumbing or excessive vertical rise from the pools elevation level. The Hayward Super Pump is a heavy duty pump designed to operate with greater water flow (Gallons Per Minute) and designed to offer more suction over greater lengths and has a much larger strainer pot capacity for debris that may be vacuumed into it. The Hayward NorthStar / Ecostar is the pump all but the most advanced swimming pools will ever need. It is designed for absolute maximum water flow with unparalleled performance. If you have a pool with many water features, hot tub and solar unit this pump is for you. Notice the absolute huge capacity of the actual pump mechanism; this is the large part with Hayward printed on it. Compare the ratio of pump to motor to the above two units and then compare it to the competition. There is no comparison in the owner’s opinion.

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