When referring to renovation it is typical to include at a minimum a new interior finish as well as new waterline & step edge tile under this heading. This however is just the start, when we really get into renovation we can do the following.

1.  Change the overall shape of the pool
2. Add phenomenal audio equipment for the best backyard entertaining available
3. Add automated controls that that are limited to just the pool or that controls lighting, tv, audio, fans and everything around the landscape environment as well
4. Enlarge or reduce the size of the deck
5. Add fire & water features such as fountains
6. Install new Filtration Equipment that requires very limited maintenance
7. Add whirlpools both hot and cold
8. Basic to High end interior finishes
9. Add completely new plumbing lines that are larger and in different areas for better hydraulics that make the pool easier to care for as well as give the water incredible visual appeal
10. Add gazebos for entertaining with fireplaces
11. Alternative sanitizers such as Ozone generators that make your pool water consumable
12. Add safety low voltage and colored lights
13. Add ultra-modern high tech professional cooking kitchens with dining areas for the ultimate in backyard play.
14. Basic to Custom Designed waterline & step edge tile
15. Add decorative planters
17. Add the ultimate touch we can install small to huge outdoor TV’s and video screens with projectors along
18. Creative custom decks ranging from basic acrylic, acid staining and granite that has that wow factor
19.   All this designed with 3 Dimensional computer aided design software so you see what you are buying prior to beginning

All renovation requires the following preparation: Drain, stabilize for hydro-static pressure (Prevents Pool Popping), acid wash and etching, hydro blasting (sandblasting without sand) to remove loose material, removal of air pockets and voids then filled back in prior to refinishing, undercut (orifices, light rings, tiles) to make new finish look original, application of bonding agent (our own proprietary white super adhesive material) not the usual grey material that may bleed or show through AND MOST IMPORTANTLY NOT ADHERE WELL, all of this protects your new finish.

All the preparation is critical in ensuring that your new pool finish properly bonds to the old existing material. No matter how expensive, how great any new finish may be, without proper preparation of the existing material the materials may simply delaminate from the walls and floor.


We also do equipment engineering for our commercial clients so that we may get you County & State approved for new and improved filtration technologies that will make your pools last longer and enhance your comfort level. All our renovation work is designed and completed within house personnel to ensure the integrity and quality of work remain consistent throughout.
Contact us today and get started in making your Aquatic Relaxation Center a reality!

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